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Dec 16, 2014, 10:28 AM
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Originally Posted by KRSplatinum View Post
Primpy, the beta versions of JJ2 came with some PCs (maybe Gateway PCs or maybe not) and the only official way to get the beta versions of JJ2 is buy a PC manufactured and released from the 1998 era that happens to still be on sale.

In other words, it's virtually impossible to legally obtain the beta, since I doubt computer stores keep 16-year old computers in stock. But if you bought a computer around that time, it might have come with a JJ2 beta.

But yeah, it's common practice to include random games with computers. My favorite examples of this are Minesweeper and POD racing.

Yeah... this game.

POD Gold. It was freaking awesome, I loved it and it had the best music, in fact now that I found it on I'm almost about to buy it and see if it'll run, considering the price.

That's off-topic though. The way Epic released the JJ2 betas (there's 2 versions), they weren't intended as a demo nor a shareware release, just a beta test. And there's no reason to redo a beta test when they already fixed beta bugs.
I know most of these stuff, but unfortunately I haven't bought any Intel products in the '97-'98 (Maybe because I wasn't born, duuh.) At the moment I want to fill up my collection of Jazz Jackrabbit games on my PC, and the beta is missing. Also, I like the beta HUDs more than the ones used in the actual game. I don't know why, but the beta is more appealing to me.

Originally Posted by Jelly Jam View Post
Problem solved, i gave him the link for version 1.00g.
I had no idea he was talking about these versions when he said beta, lol.
Anyway, i sent him a message via Skype. No more talking about beta versions
Would be really cool to se the ACTUALL BETA of jj2, though.
Sorry but I didn't receive any link. Can you send it to me on or tell me how can I check messages from other people than the contacts? I'm dumb.

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