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Jul 15, 2021, 05:08 AM
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Getting rid of the stutters on JJ2

I can't believe it took me forever to figure this out.

There was a reason the unpatched game has a max framerate of 70 FPS. It's because that's the framerate it was designed to run in the first place. This is why this game looked smooth asf on my CRT back in the day since it could do 70Hz.

Keep in mind that just locking the game to 70 FPS wont get rid of the stutters if your refresh rate doesn't match the framerate, as expected. However, if your LCD monitor can do 75 Hz out of the box, then most probably you can create a custom resolution through your graphics card's driver and create a new resolution with 70Hz as the refresh rate.

This will allow you to finally run the game at 70Hz (You need to set desktop refresh rate to 70Hz too) and lock the framerate to 70 FPS and get rid of all the stutters.

Multiple of 70Hz can work too. So if you have a 144Hz monitor, you can create a custom resolution with 140Hz as refresh rate and lock the framerate to 70 FPS. Most high refresh rate monitors should be able to do 70Hz just fine too, you just have to create it via your GPU driver.

I've tested fraction of 70 FPS aka 35 FPS by capping the frame rate using RTSS. And as expected, it doesn't stutter at 35 FPS @ 70Hz either. Same with 23.33 FPS @70Hz too [23.33 FPS can't be perfectly done and will result in occasional hitches here and there]. Of course, 35 and 23.33 FPS won't look smooth but I did it just for the purpose of testing.

Unfortunately 2x multiple of 70 FPS is 140 FPS, and Plus patch seems to have increased the max framerate of this game to 120 FPS. So you can't get a stutterless experience on high framerate yet. Basically, 60 fps, 75 fps, 90 fps, 120 fps, any framerate other than fraction or multiple of 70 FPS will stutter even if your refresh rate matches those particular framerates.

If any of you can do 70 Hz with your monitor, try JJ2 with 70Hz with vsync on to cap the framerate to 70 FPS and see the reduction in stutters. Reduction as in complete lack of stutters as long as the game is running at locked 70 FPS at 70Hz.
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