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Oct 6, 2015, 02:06 AM
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Trigger problem in Devres66

I've been replaying the Devres episodes lately and came across a strange problem in Devres66 "Deluge" which is part of episode 5.

In this level you have to touch 3 gems spread across the upper parts of the level which activate 3 triggers by trigger zones. These 3 triggers in return unmask a series of blocks to make an underwater hidden trigger crate fall into 2 animated tiles that rapidly switch between a masked and unmasked tile (supposedly to brake that crate without buttstomping or explosion?).

However, that crate doesn't break during my recent gameplay, thus preventing further progress to the level altogether. Then naturally I tried running vanilla 1.24 but then the trigger zone that's underwater (on the right side of the level) doesn't activate at all! Cheating isn't an option either since jjfly doesn't work underwater.

I remember this level to be very straightforward, so what suddenly goes wrong now?

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