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Mar 24, 2019, 08:46 AM
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Good news everyone sorry that you had to wait 4 months my request on their private message-like discord server named Incineration Digital(they made some videos on youtube about animated 3d random maps)(for a while it had name Nyctoware Interactive,but they were devided probably they are doing 2d animations so it could useful for unofficial jazz jackrabbit 1&2 remaster just like with sonic the hedgehog 1&2(2013)remaster exclusively on mobile devices I'm not sure it might a rumour you can find out if you could pay them small loan for fangame request I hope they know very well how to use Retro Engine and Headcannon engine both of these game engines were made by Christian"Taxman"Whitehead and Simon"Stealth"Thomley(currently they're working for Sega/Sonic Team)including user nicknamed Niko the (Big-just kidding)Boss CEO of Nyctoware Interactive/Incineration Digital founded in 2016 will take approximately above 6-9 months to finish entire compilation(I hope Youtube CEO,Tencent CEO,Epic Games CEO have nothing in mind it's open source non commercial use do not distribute stuff) of fortnite battle royale of summer 2019.That one from 2018 was deleted by user jomjom214 youtube banned this user probably due to copyrights infringement I heard BitTube is alternative for YouTube without content ID.It's not empty promises I will keep my word I'm not lying it's real it's happening.The rest informations will be kept secret so you have to wait several months to see this video on youtube they have youtube account profile however Incineration Digital small game studio located in Australia have no YouTube videos,yet.This compilation will not just jazz jackrabbit characters dancing default dance,but also just characters from another video games.As for now I won't tell you more because I don't want to ruin a suprise(violate nda don't worry it's just a joke)so see ya later guys.Not so top secret news now,huh?No more leaked informations for now.You have to wait first.I kept you waiting,huh?

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