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Jan 12, 2015, 10:19 AM
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Originally Posted by Jelly Jam View Post

Nothing special. I've just drawn Spaz in MSpaint
Since it's way harder (for me) to draw using a mouse, i would say this is preety good work for an amateur like me :P
I don't recommend imgur. I can see JPEG artefacts which looks ugly on images with low colours (even if it's uploaded as a png, theres some stupid compression system on imgur). I recommend for now. (I recently realised the site I used to recommend has a shady reputation and is NSFW but didn't see them because of adblock. Oh.)

I drew my Jazz head with a mouse entirely. Scanning is tedious because of the resizing required, and I gave up using my graphics tablet long ago and I'm not sure when I'll go back because mine is really unresponsive right now (also I should really get the drivers too instead of default ones). I find the best way to draw with a mouse is to use the zoom tool a lot, and use clean, round and confident lines (you may need the undo function a lot).

A sketch layer may help you to get the proportions better. That's also what I started off with in my Jazz pic. This is why I don't recommend MSpaint, as it lacks layers. Also theres no crazy fur (idk what other way to put it) on the red part.

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