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Jul 6, 2018, 03:33 PM
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Okay so it's against the rules to duplicate posts mutliple comments I mean.But I'll take approximately one weak long break.For now this is really last time I want to show you scene of first intro cutscene map from Jazz Jackrabbit 1 in HD and older design of hud for Jazz Jackrabbit 3D 013D alpha including rest of my own fanmade custom Fortnite Battle Royale skins as for now Ramirez only.It's because I'm going on holiday in the mountains for 7 days.Do you think in future Epic Games will allow me to ship my Jazz Jackrabbit HD Trilogy just like Valve Corporation allowed to ship Half-Life 1 remake.As for now it's a lots of things to do first for instance new demos,full will take a time years maybe even ages,but I'm satisfied and proud of myself of making this fangame.I hope you won't delete this comment.I hope European Parliament will never adopt law named E.P.I.C.A because I will have to pay very expensive licence for this fangame so permission will cost me a lots of money not exactly for authors/manuafacturers and publishers in this case Epic Games(they still own this old IP Jazz Jackrabbit which belongs to them),but probably for creators of EPICA only.I'm talking seriously right now it's not a joke.I know few users here who lives in europe just like me.Fanfictions and fanarts will require special very expensive licence.

I did these textures one year ago
Ramirez my second attempt to make Lori Jackrabbit skin fanmade 3d model of this character.

update 0,1&2 was made by me I created it 2 years ago 2&4 I made 1 year ago back then I didn't know how to apply textures in cycles render mode in Blender.Anyway I was trying to make more realistic textures for Ramirez clothes in colours of Lori Jackrabbit's clothes,but my RAM memory was too low to to do it so I made it more low poly.I tried to do this even for hair,but I wasn't fully satisfied.

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