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Jan 18, 2019, 11:33 AM
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One week ago I was trying to convert one of Jazz Jackrabbit 3D alpha demo multiplayer maps named JMPForts by using tool named UT4X Converter.So I got very often situation in which lots of errors were occuring when I was trying to convert some.Few days ago I was trying to share level map called FortsMap.umap file in Share options,but errors were kept popping-up even DungeonMap.I will never(ever again) manually export unr maps from jj3d alpha demo in unreal editor 1 because here's what might happen if maps .t3d files(objects of map of JMPForts.t3d map is flat and geometrical static meshes are separated from each other and too flat as wireframes after building any map) scripts because so called example map is dark and blank before and after I added to black 3d background.I decided to show you my first and only one imported map from jj3d one of that multiplayer ones.After I converted and imported this map(thanks to ut4xconverter tool that was written in java) in Unreal Tournament 2016 level editor I was unable to show you .umap file of this map because I couldn't save this map via Share in unreal tournament editor.Also some vertices are missing and only some textures that were imported by me.