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Oct 20, 2013, 10:16 AM
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Originally Posted by FawFul View Post
One request: please have an configuration .ini for changing the controls during mousemode! I can imagine people want to play with the right mouse click or mouse wheel(weapon select perhaps or scrolling through weapons) and W,A,S,D for movement, W or space being the jump button. I think it's so groundbreaking it's not weird to have a set of different controls during this mode.
I second this! Had to change all controls, and I use W for run and space for jump. Cycling through ammo with mousewheel would be awesome. Right mouse button should be assignable tool.
Great release

Edit: Also for Show Max Health, make the hearts darker. Also.. mouselock! pls *clicks outside jj2 window* *jj2 disappear behind clicked window*
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