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Oct 21, 2013, 12:06 AM
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Tracking down the crashing thing is proving more difficult than I expected... snooze, I think you're the only person reporting it happening in TSF? Can you confirm that it happens in TSF specifically when trying to load a level, just like in 1.23?

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EDIT: I just came up to something very frustrating what happens very often. While spectating someone, if he has a PU, the ammo he picks up shows as non PUed sometimes. Hope it's fixed. I spectated someone in a server where I am not sure a new plus is installed and it worked fine.
I'm having trouble reproducing this. Can you break it down a little more?
Originally Posted by DJazz View Post
Edit: Also for Show Max Health, make the hearts darker.
They could be pitch-black like in 8-bit. Would that be better?
Originally Posted by KRSplatinum View Post
In new plus, there is a bug with warping after taking a carrot, at the moment the glow disappears, player's position gets bumped ~2 tiles, stopping their movement, and sometimes going into walls. That's been happening for everyone in servers running the latest release of plus, even if clients use old plus.
Does this occur with +1 carrots, or only with full energy carrots?