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Oct 21, 2013, 11:57 AM
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Making a blank level in JCS still crashes, but with a different AV:

Replacing bass.dll doesn't seem to make any difference.

jazz2.log says:

LOG: GRADE (Build 98-194W), Executable: C:\Games\Jazz2\Jazz2.exe
LOG: INTERNAL BUILD version 1.23+ Beta (Build 2013-10-19)

WIN: Running Microsoft Windows NT Service Pack 1 version 6.1, Build 7601
CPU: Intel Pentium II processor found
CPU: Processor Vendor ID 'GenuineIntel', Family 6, Model 10, Stepping 7
CPU: Processor Features BFEBFBFF (FPU, MMX)
VID: Checking for available video modes
VID: DirectDraw v6.1.7600.16385 found
VID: Video memory 69634Kb (1Kb Free), AGP memory 1671168Kb (1671168Kb Free)
VID: Direct3D found
NET: WinSock v2.2 "WinSock 2.0", Status: Running, Host: Fulliautomatix
SND: BASS Audio Library v2.4
SND: Galaxy Music System v5.0a
SND: Detected DirectSound driver
---- Starting execution: invoke MainProg()

VID: Closing display (DirectDraw)
8 macro files found in current directory
VID: Closing display (DIBSection)
WIN: INTERNAL BUILD has caused an access violation at address 58B66953h by attempting to "read" from address 00000000h
Define 'normal'.