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Aug 17, 2018, 04:21 PM
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So, whenever I select a level from Home Cooked, and only from Home Cooked, the controller constantly registers movement right and down (EDIT: I have tested this further, and found this behaviour if I use the command line loading, but only for A Generic SP Episode II. My own custom levels seem to not be affected by this. Perhaps it's memory usage related?). This includes it making me stomp whenever I'm in the air, for instance if I've jumped. It also doesn't let me manually move down or right at all.

TSF level 1, working normally:

HH '17 loaded from its custom J2E episode, working normally:

A custom level I was working on a few years ago, loaded from a command line argument, working normally:

Same custom level, not working normally; stuck moving down and right:

Different custom level, same problem: