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Aug 29, 2018, 05:55 AM
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Exclamation Happens on Linux as well

I can confirm that such incidence happens with Jazz Jackrabbit 2 1.23, JJ2+ 5.6 via Lutris (Wine-Staging 3.10 i386) on Linux Mint 19 (x64) Mate with Logitech F310 Xinput/DirectInput. As the game is started with Jazz2.exe -menu -windowed -nolog -nospy executable and arguments, mouse cursor immediately moves left even in OS level. When a map is started, the character looks up as it is shown in previous posts. I found related lines in the readme of the latest release of JJ2+:

"Improved support for DirectInput/XInput (read: XBox-style) controllers:

JJ2+ should now ignore corrupted controller data instead of seeming to constantly press the left and up keys."

It looks like some Windows and WINE setups fail to "gnore corrupted controller data." When -nojoy argument is added, problem disappears but as it disables controller support, it's a bit pointless. Alternatively, Linux users can emulate keyboard buttons on controller with AntiMicro but that would be a dirty solution to be honest.

Here are the Lutris page and code of the installer script: