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Jul 1, 2019, 06:29 AM
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Angry Joystick no longer works

I donít know if this applies to all joysticks, but at least, my gamepad does not work with JJ2+.
  • When itís connected to my computer when I run JJ2+, my rabbit always looks up when it stops (I can still play with the keyboard).
  • The button 3 works like the Enter key.
  • I didnít find another effect. The gamepad buttons donít work, I can control neither my rabbit neither the menu with my gamepad.

I didnít study this bug completely, but here you have the symptoms of something bad so I feel itís enough to study it yourself as skilled developers (if you have a joystick). My gamepad works very fine in vanilla JJ2. I donít have another joystick; I hope my problems are not linked to my model but rather to some bad hack of JJ2+ developers.

Iíve noticed that thereís some ĎControlsí item in the in-game menu, which allows to set an effect to mouse events. I feel this feature should have been placed in the usual Options menuÖ Well, from my point of view, itís something barely useful that messed the original Controls feature and that hinders my sister and me to play JJ2+ on my computer. But Iím still happy that there are people who are keen to add new features to JJ2.