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May 14, 2020, 11:27 AM
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Post Campaign bugs

I recently installed JJ2+ (from GOG) and I would like to report some issue’s in the gameplay of the campaign in this short message. As far as bugs there are only a few. First I would like to mention that the new features JJ2+ brought to the campaign fits very well in the game. Turbo mode is a fun challange, which I thought the game really needed. The other features JJ2+ added are small improvements, but not that noticable and it did not have to (The game (campaign) already was more or less ‘whole’).

Menu mispells
Aside from the campaign, there are some spelling issue’s in the menu’s. Some words are holding numbers instead of characters. ‘Arabi’ in the language setting is spelled as ‘3rabi’, but I don't know if that is how it is supposed to be spelled. Also in the In-game menu (Dutch language) the option ‘Nieuw spel’ is spelled as ‘2Nieuw spel’(once selected). I don’t know which other words are holding numbers instead of characters, but right now these are the only ones I noticed. I've added a picture of this.

Background bug
Furthermore there is this background ‘bug’ in the ‘Wonderland’ theme levels of the game (only the ‘night time’ ones). There is this spherical hole in the middle of the sky (like a black hole) and the clouds are remain outside of it around the edges. I don’t know if this is intentional, but it looked like a bug to me. This goes for the levels: Funky Grooveathon (from Jazz in Time) and Retro Rabbit (from Shareware Demo). I haven't seen these backgrounds before, but the level 'funky chicken' from a hom 70's Grove (from Home Cooked Levels) still has the old background that all these theme levels used to have (see the comparison in both pictures I have added).

Medieval Kineval bug
In this level the player is able to find a hidden area where the player warps in a secret level. Once completing this level the player warps back to the same location where the player entered the first warp, which sometimes results that the player is instandly warped to the secret level again. In the old version without JJ2+ this used to be a loop, where the player can't progress, because he/she is stuck in that loop, playing the secret level over and over again. Right now I am not sure it is fully fixed. I did respawn in that level for 3 times, but the third time the loop was closed and I was not able to enter the secret level again.
One more thing to note is that after the player completed the secret level, the player no longer has the coins that he/she picked up during the first time of the Medieval Kineval level (the coins that where picked up also don't respawn). Therefore the player has no longer access to the bonus warp.
The last thing about this level is that there are these unfinished area's where the player can't go to. You have this open box, just under the floor of the exit area. This area probably used to represent the area where the player used to spawn after he/she finished the secret level (but I can't be sure). There are also several area's one the right side of the map (near the warp place the player has to find if he/she does not have the money for the bonus warp). These area's contain a few objects: 3 cakes, 3 fire weapon ammo and one 1up (you can see that in one of the pictures I've added). Probably these area's are only accessible through warps, but they just aren't there.

Wall bug
There is a chance where the player gets stuck inside a wall, often in a narrow area with a lot of sloping blocks. This also happen occesionally if the player stomping near the ceiling. If this happens the player can get stuck and has to load a different saved game or cheat to progress. I don't know if this is possible to fix, but it is still pretty annoying when it happens.

Suburbia bug
The last one I have is the Suburbia Commando (from The Secret Files) bug that needs to be fixed. Right at the beginning of this level there is this secret hidden pipe (you have to shoot a block in order to enter) that would take the player up where the player can gain a few red diamonds and is able to get tot he golden coin that is worth for five (location is in the picture). This was the case, but now the player gets transported to the far right side outside of the map, stuck and unable to progress.

These where all the things that I came across, so I thought to make a post of it. I probably should have make different threads about it, but I thought that this gives an overall view. There might be more bugs, but this is all that I came across. Sorry if I was unclear in my english, I am dutch and I do have dyslexia. Anyway I hope that it was helpful.
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