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Jul 16, 2020, 04:48 PM
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Well basically it is not difficult to make a bot for jazz jackrabbit apparently as I've taken a look at it by myself. Even chat datas are sent plainly and anyone can replicate them.
However there is an encryption algorithm such as 'private key' method which can be implemented to stop this trouble. Simply server creates a key such as "55 83 A1" in hex - sends it to client to communicate with it throughout the game. This private key is private to only this client so that other clients have different private keys, hence everytime the datas are distorted thus stopping anyone from plainly copy pasting jazz packet protocols.

tldr; server creates a key for client(a), this key is blended with the in-game packets to create the encrypted datas.

Clients that don't abide by this rule are kicked, for better banned out. Actually the key point here is to obfuscate the algorithm, it does not matter how you salt them, this will simply stop people from copy pasting their packets from sniffing programs into their favourite compilers. And by salting I mean that everytime client joins, the data should be different. Otherwise people will keep spamming servers with join and leave but will be unable to spam chat. Because if you dont make the packets dynamic the entrance still will be available for bots as it is the same everytime hence "lets copy-paste and connect"