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Aug 26, 2020, 12:45 PM
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Originally Posted by ShakerNL View Post
I see the 'Gem collecting server' pinging most of the times. When it's on top and when it's not on top. I assume it's an issue in the server rather than the list server or other clients.
If it's an issue in my server, then why do I always see the pukenukem server at the top pinging all the time and don't see other pukenukem servers pinging?
As shown in the image, all puke nukem servers are not pinging exept the one at the top (JDC ODT 12). I started to face this problem since JJ2+ 5.5.

Btw, the reason you see 'Gem collecting server' pinging most of the times when it's not on top is because there's a problem in the list server that if I lose my connection/IP changes or put my machine into sleep mode, my server gets stuck there for like forever. So, the server will still be listed when it's not actually up. I remember seeing my server in the list after a week from closing it, and it had the IP I had when I was hosting it.
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