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Nov 4, 2020, 10:50 AM
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Server keeps crashing every two to three days

Hello modders,

I have noticed that ever since I am running plus 5.7, the Puke Nuk3m Tests server keeps ending up in an Access Violation every two to three days. The weird thing is that it only occurs on that particular server. All other servers are running fine. It might be caused by the mutators running on that server. I can't think of another cause to be honest.

I have downgraded plus to 5.6 and the server stopped crashing.

I wanted to address this issue in hope that it might be resolved in future updates, so I won't have to stick with 5.6 forever. And I do miss the advanced spam kicking functionality. Without it, I will have to keep the server passworded from unfriendly clients.

If more information is required, feel free to leave a reply.