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Mar 5, 2022, 01:00 AM
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Anniversary Bash 24

Anniversary Bash 24

What is the Anniversary Bash?
The Anniversary Bash (commonly abbreviated to AB or just the Bash) is an annual event celebrating the full release of Jazz Jackrabbit 2 (April 9th, 1998). A dedicated server with a pre-prepared levellist is hosted for the duration of the nearest weekend to this date; normally for 4 days straight. The first Bash only had Capture the Flag levels, but Battle levels were included for the first time in AB2 in recognition of the gamemode's importance to the community. This server typically comprises the largest gathering of players in the JJ2 calendar, with several "oldies" usually making a guest appearance.

How does the Bash server work?

The Bash is divided into two aforementioned gamemodes; Battle and CTF, in which levellists are put together (typically comprising 15-25 levels each) and hosted continuously on loop. The gamemodes and their respective levellists are normally changed on alternate days, i.e. Battle for Day 1, CTF for Day 2, Battle for Day 3 etc. In more recent bashes, variations of the standard Battle/CTF gamemodes introduced by JJ2+ such as Team Battle or Death CTF have been used on repeat days in order to keep things fresh. This is a public server, so everyone is welcome (but please be civil!).

When is this year's Bash?
The provisional dates are Friday 8th to Monday 11th April. These may be subject to slight change and may possibly even be extended. If you want one (or more) of your new Battle or CTF level(s) to be considered for inclusion, you have until Wednesday 6th April to submit it (or them) in order to ensure that there is sufficient time to properly test the Bash level packs. The lists will then be finalized and there will be no more further changes. I highly recommend you go and make something, as the Bash more than any other time of the year (outside of JDC) is a fantastic opportunity to give your levels the exposure they deserve!

Who is organizing the Bash this year?