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May 12, 2021, 06:42 AM
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Sorry I haven't come back to this in a little while.

Here's a version of Battleships 2 with the 100% completion numbers adjusted. I believe this should provide 100% completion if you take the non-tech route that contains the most items.
If you can test it for 100%ability and non-broken sound (since I know J1E occasionally breaks sounds), I'd appreciate it a lot!

This leaves Nippius 2 and Deserto 1.

I ran Deserto 1 through J1LES, removing the extra items in the unreachable area. Oddly, the item numbers didn't change. This suggests to me that Epic already accounted for the unreachable items in the original completion percentages. If you could test this for me, I would appreciate that.

As for Nippius 2, remember that we want to be careful to not require any kind of tech to get 100%. Bonking Jazz's head at the speed he's going, especially with the speed shoes, is very, very difficult. I would say it makes it pretty much impossible to get the topmost four ice creams in the second part of the springs part, the top one in the third part, and the top three in the last part. I think you could MAYBE get one or two of some of these, but I'm sceptical. I would also suggest removing 5 further items from the tally to account for the only very small likelihood of getting all four ice creams at the very bottom spring while still bonking your head so you can get all the items in the second section, and the very small likelihood of being able to get both sets of 3 ice creams above the springs in the third section.

To illustrate this, here's some crudely-drawn notes on a map of the spring tower section:

The ice creams circled in red are ones I suspect are impossible, those circled in yellow are ones I suspect are very unlikely, and I've numbered each section to assist in understanding my explanation above.

In addition to all of this, I would remove 3 or 4 items to account for the impossible-to-obtain ice creams at the very, very end of the level.

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