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Jan 18, 2007, 07:14 AM
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I agree with DD (Sara?).

The MarySue test should be as simple as:
Does your charcter fit in the JJ2 universe? (Anthro, space age, etc)
("No" give you two points)
Is this charcter your avatar? (Your namesakes charcter)
("Yes" gives you one point)
Could this character beat a main character hands down?
(A point for each)
Is your charcter a major love intrest of a main character?
(A point for each)
Does your charcter keep in charcter? (ie. can do things never trained to do well)
(Two points for "no")
Is your character really lucky?
(A point for "yes")
Does everyone else in the story treat your charcter like something special?
(Two points for "Yes"
Does "Mysterious" describe your character? For no good reason?
(A point for each)
Does your character meet any of these cliche: Related to main characters, has a twin, is an orphan...
(A point for each)

I ran a few character thru here...
Jazz gets a 5, Spaz, Lori and Devan all get a 4, so I'd say that if your character scores a five or more, it's a mary sue.
When I run my avatar thru, he comes out with a 4. It's what I expected, he's on par with player characters.
I just made this test up right now, any comments or suggestions?