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Jan 25, 2007, 07:35 AM
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*Taken from the MCS (Main Computer System)*

Name: Tweedle
Home Planet: Sweetland
Years: 24
Kind: Lizard
Side: Psychs (see the story, soon it comes)
Location: Unknown
Notes: Dangerous, but not evil as Devon. He also is against Devon, because Devon destroyed his Homeplanet- Sweetland. Part of Perfection's Secret group. He has a giant laser, which he uses to destroy the powershields of the space ships. He tried to kill Devan. He always wears a blue suit and a strange orange hat.

Name: Perfection
Home Planet: Unknown
Years: 21
Side: Psychs
Kind: Rabbit
Location: Leporidae- Terra (Rabbit's lands from latin)
Notes: Leader of Perfection's secret group(which is not-so-secret). One of the Leaders of Leporidae- Terra. He's against Devon, because Devon tried to destroy Lepporidae- Terra. He's 2.3 metres tall, with yellow skin and red eyes. He has planty of Mega Batle Ships and he's favourite weapon is MG-90 bouncer.

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