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May 4, 2007, 06:28 AM
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my time is allmost up, I gotta go soon, so I'll make some profiles on my home PC and put them here.

They'll include:
The Baron (obviously)
some writings about the 12 species in my upcoming stories-
Genesis Genome, The Fall Of Carrotus, The Fleet Of Apocalypse, and others...

I thaught i'd write an obligatory bio, since it's all a bit mysterious.
Name- The Baron of Evil
Age- 249, is incapable of ageing, due to his insatiable quests for artifacts led him to descover both the philosopher's stone and the holy grail. he drank elixir of life from the grail and has been granted eternal life and youth.
Gender- Male
Appearance-under his armour: no-one is really sure, his armor is vital to some of his life processes, and his helmet must control his different eyesights, has a built in breath filter to prevent death by poison gases, and an orange/ gold tinted visor, of one-way mirror plexiglass. his carapace armour chest piece is based around his ribcage and has triangle-like parts starting at the front of the neck, and up over his shoulders connecting up at the back, reducing the effectiveness of shots to the back of the neck. he wears wristlets covering his forearms ending in gauntlets, with a variety of uses, from zero point energy manipulator to lockpick and retina scan tricking devices. his lower legs have pieces of kit similar to his wristlets, merely to provide protection so he isn't floored by a shot to the ankle.
History- once a bounty hunter with the callsign 'Scorpion'. he was abducted and experimented on by aliens shortly after succesfully collecting his 67th bounty. the main emphasis was on gene splicing with him, but other species were experimented on differently. they also awakened dormant psychic powers, but installed inhibitors into his brain, but that will be expanded upon in the first 2 books, Genesis Genome and The Fall of Carrotus. he spent a number of months in the energy cells of the ship where he met some interesting species including a Vekei, a Jipeu, a Sarbyd, and a suprise Jackrabbit, but you'll have to wait on that.
after his breakout he took contol of the starship which he later built up on to create his personal massive cruiser the Apocalypse. with his new wealth and space travelling abilities he rallied crushed alien species, such as the Magmavores, the Halcidites and the Calliopids. he accumulated a vast fleet, of approximateley 4330 starships with the nippy TT-40s, the light N-11s and the tough, huge NN-6 cruisers, all heavily modified. his fleet also includes 2 'pestillence'- class Astraean Capital ships, 6 'famine' Forci carriers, 2 'Death' Anudon Scythe Cruisers and the only 'War' Vekei heavy cruiser built.
Home Planet: Earth
Species: (Formerly) Human (Gene splicing dos that to you.)
Weapons: He is a swordsman with unique skill but prefers his heavy weapons, and SDWE (selective destruction wave emitter) is his favourite.
Strengths: High pain threshhold,lack of ageing, still can die, but only in combat. His personal Mecha; Heady Crimson, his incredible gift for strategy, the fun of surprising the enemy with cl- no. I can't tell that. it'd ruin chapter 3.
Weaknesses: Shock rays deal the most damage to his carapace armour, and may be harmed by poison GASES. he is immune to consuming poison
Powers/Abilites: Not favouring spells and force, but he can instill absolute terror into people, he can also feed off emitions and absorb life forces.

Elemental: Bolt, fireball, shock, freeze.
Light: Interdimensional Temporal Shift
Dark: Dark Wave, Instilling fear, shadowarmour cunjouring, transmutation.
Force Powers: Absorb, Force Agility, Drain Life, Drain Force, Force Slow, curse of weakness
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