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Apr 29, 2012, 10:53 AM
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And meet my character

Name: Cyfraza Frangogriphus

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Orientation: good but sometimes it can be changed

Appearance: grey fur, dark brown hair, bob haircut,

Clothing: blue checkered flannel shirt, glasses, black sneakers, jeans

Personality: She is clever, shy, mysterious, talkative scatterbrained, rebellious and cheerful. Cyfraza likes to ask riddles and sometimes don't adhere to the rules. She has a knack for getting into trouble. She is a loner. In her spare time, she updates her equipment and creates new programs. She is a very talented programmer who likes pentesting,.. umm ok.. She is just a hacker.

Strengths: great battle, programming and hacking skills. She have virtualization and devirtualization skill (freely move between real and virtual world)

Weakness: treamwork, operate under the influence of emotions

Weapons: LFG 4281 , malware, defrogger, debugger, dictionary, rainbow tables, two B-trees in the garden

Bio: She lives in Carrotuspolis (urban part of Carrotus) in the Carrotus (alternative future of Carrotus, which was made current future of Carrotus by Devan. In other words - Carrotus from JJ3D). She doesn't remember her distant past. She lived together with her friend Rimeniz. But Carrotus was attacked by Devan with Xirits. Xirits are shapeless creatures that feed by suffering, anxiety and fear. They live only in darkness. The Devan's servant, Cosmo, cast a spell on Carrotus that caused temporary darkness. Rabbits were powerless against Xirits, so Devan got the throne wihout a problem. Since that time King Jazz with his family disappeared in mysterious circumstances. Cyfraza with Rimeniz made weapon able to defeat Xirits. Unfortunately Rimeniz was killed by Xirit during defense of Hopttego Village. Cyfraza blames herself for death of her friend because she shot Xirint too late. After these events, she decided to join a group of insurgents.

Bonus info: The first time she showed up in multicrossover (Doctor Who, Star Wars and JJ universe + new things) known as Children of time (I'm still not finished writing Cyfraza's first adventure ). I also plan to place her as a secondary character in my JJ3D fanfic.

Some artwork (The second picture was drawn by my friend from another forum):

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