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Apr 1, 2021, 10:12 AM
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I don't know anything about the music problem, but I'm getting much closer to being able to implement a proper speedrun mode, and would welcome help brainstorming the list of changes/fixes that should be disabled for that. Things that I've thought might be relevant:
  • Spaz sidekicking bosses
  • Freezing the robot boss
  • Skipping Devan's second phase
  • Ravens freezing in place
  • Powerups for gun6, gun8, gun9 doing extra damage
  • Freedom of movement while using copters
  • Ease of buttstomping crates/barrels/monitors
  • Shooting while pushing crates/barrels/monitors/poles
  • Invincibility period after stomping something
  • Copter-earing onto a flight pickup

I've also considered removing the possibility (only during speedruns) of enemies randomly dropping carrots, since that affects your health management at random and doesn't seem fair--thoughts?

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