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Apr 15, 2014, 12:19 AM
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Super Smash Brothers: Stargåte - Tourney

I was a squirrel.
I had a bagel and cream cheese out of a trash can.
I got so drunk last night and was hung over. Some college kids left cheap flavored wine bottles and I drank some. Well, some - but not 200 bottles of it...

After breakfast, I went to the bar to watch TV. The Super Smash Brothers tournament was starting today. What time was Jazz going to arrive? How about Sonic and Mega Man? Pikachu was being interviewed on TV.

"Welcome to ESPN SportsCenter. We're doing sports science and we have Pikachu with us. How are you prior to the start of the tournament, Pikachu?"


"Glad you're doing well, I appreciate the fact you filmed yourself surfing all the way here to the University for the tournament."

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