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Apr 15, 2014, 12:28 AM
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"Pika, pika!"

"It's a splendid day here over at the University, we're excited for the upcoming action. You don't play today Pikachu, but we're wondering - how come you're the first to arrive?" asked Brandon Meriweather, a sports interviewer.

"I was just ready to get here, enjoy the great weather and hang out with my friends," stated Pikachu clearly.

"OK, well..."

I got up and left, after finishing my coffee. Coffee bars rarely have TVs on, but for this occasion it made sense.

I even left before paying for my drink. Oh well, I didn't have pockets on me anyway. Time would tell us who will be the champion of this SSB tournament. My money was on Falco, personally. The nature of his game was obvious. Obliterate the opponent at all cost. Fire weapons directly at the target. And yet I wouldn't be spooked if a new Pokemon was able to become champion, either. The Pokemon league operates at the pace of a white water rapid.

But we still didn't know who would accept the tournament invites, and who would decline. So it made it all the more harder to predict.