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Jan 5, 2015, 05:04 AM
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Cool finally a fight sequence begins (x

"Hello, welcome to the Super Smash Bros Tournament, sponsored by: Stargate SG-1! I'm Anon and I'll be hosting the live stream! First 1-on-1 matchup today is Samus Aran vs. Mewtwo!"

$$B, live stream sponsored by random things

After musical, dance and visual art proceedings, the match between Mewtwo and Samus began. Mewtwo and Samus wave dashed rapidly and frequently, dodging each other before they were even in range for an attack. They hopped up onto the bleachers, and while Mewtwo used a shield, Samus caught Mewtwo with her grapple beam. She then charged up her blue-shot laser gun, fired but Mewtwo blocked with his psychic ball beam. The crowd was dumbfounded by the explosion.