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Apr 3, 2017, 12:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Stijn View Post
Part of the source code leaked at one point during the last two decades, but I don't think that was ever especially important to e.g. JJ2+.

At this point JJ2+ is far enough along that having the source code would not actually matter a great deal for its future. Things might've been done differently if it had been available when it was first released, but that wasn't the case, and it's now set up in such a way that JJ2's internals are exposed to it transparently enough that new features are mostly a matter of adding new code rather than patching existing code. Merging JJ2+ into a hypthetical open source JJ2 to produce a new hybrid version would probably also be a lot of trouble for little gain.

So while it's nice to know that Jazz Jackrabbit 2's source code hasn't been lost in the mists of time, it's not especially relevant at this point besides as a historical curiosity. Maybe someone would be able to do something interesting with it if they got their hands on it, but at the same time it being unavailable is not holding back development of the game in any way.

(XxMoNsTeRXM, no, it's not possible unless Epic/whoever owns the rights allows releasing it, which won't happen).
Well, I was wondering if JJ2+ would actually benefit from having the source code and if it doesn't, then indeed it's probably not so beneficial.