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Apr 5, 2017, 11:57 AM
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Originally Posted by Nimrod View Post
I would agree mostly, but I still think IF the Source Code is desired it might be worth now coming to its age for one final push as there is at least an avenue left.

What's changed? The key difference is we now have contact again with Epic. Two contacts infact. While we may find out its only a relevant route for list server operations; it's still a potential route which you may want to explore.

If the community was to put some effort into a good letter or something similar; I think there's a chance we can get it across to Epic for someone Senior to read and potentially reply. You must remember, they got nothing out of the List Server redirect but they took the time to say thank you to all of us for keeping it alive and offering their support.

Ultimately, from my very brief moment back in the community to fix the List Redirect it's become apparent there is two key aims still remaining which haven't been resolved in the last (19?) years.

That is (no order of preference):
  • Gaining the Source Code or permission from Epic to gain it from Logicware
  • Getting Permission to Distribute the game 'Legally' as there is no place to purchase it anymore.

It's up to you guys, I don't know how active the community is and what out of those two goals is popular (or if both are desired). Though I believe with a well wording email/letter we could get our ask across to Epic and see what there response is.

I won't pretend to understand what's best or who the best is. I will say however I will happy assist in getting something across to Epic if it is so desired by you; the active community.

Though I must make clear, I don't want to give false hope either. It's possible both could be rejected. Though there is the classic argument for "if you don't ask, you don't get". There is nothing to lose besides a bit of time.
I feel like it would be worth trying to get the source code and get the permission to distribute the game legally since there are still some players playing Jazz Jackrabbit 2. So maybe we should still try to ask. Anyone here who thinks the same? Maybe start a new thread (or maybe not a new thread?) with a poll or something?