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Jun 22, 2018, 07:01 AM
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Contest Update

So far, there isn't a single submission for Summertime Jazziness. That's reasonable, everyone has their own schedules and maybe some of you were waiting for the summer holiday in order to start working on your project. Thus, the new deadline is July 14th, though I would not mind if you submit your level two-three days after the deadline (Please do not do that unless your project is very close to being finished and you just want to add some extra polish to it).

As for deciding the winner(s), I believe that the community should vote their favorite level. Voting starts on July 20th and ends on July 27th. The reason why there's a time gap between the deadline and voting is because that's enough time for the community to get a taste of each submitted level and pick their favorites (if not, there's plenty of time until July 27th). If you don't like this method of deciding the winner(s), please tell me about, I'm open to hearing your suggestions.

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