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Oct 12, 2019, 02:03 PM
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UNniversary Bash 4: One last cheer

Several months ago, I'd promise a bash this year to those who couldn't make it to Anniversary Bash 21. Well here it is, better late than never! This will be the final bash I am self-organizing. From then on, I might do sporadic mini-events (of varying gamemodes) but that's a whole other topic.

This list will be even more curated than the third one, having a tighter focus on quality levels over sheer nostalgia. As before, all duplicates are automatically null. You'll also be able to personally join the curation server to give in input what map(s) should get in. This'll be in the form of a temporary discord channel and possibly in-game server (but we won't be covering all maps, it would take too long).

EDIT: Event over

Jazz Jackrabbit group:

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