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Nov 8, 2019, 12:17 PM
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Dead project? Not at all! Behind the stage, we've quietly been working on curating the CTF maplist. We got down to 96* of them, and you can click here for the draft. Please note the pivot table isn't working and the battle maps haven't been fully been curated yet. I also want to have it narrowed down to only showing candidates.

I understand this is still a bit too much for the public, though I wanted to get out something substantial along announcing the release date. We'll be going back and re-curating the CTF list after the battle one has been done.

But you can still vote on what CTF maps to keep or veto in the list at this time - were especially looking for input on "maybe" map entries, it's just not urgent at the moment. Votes can be done on this thread or on the special UB4 channel.

The bash start date has also been announced to begin on November the 30th, coinciding with the GOG rerelease.

EDIT: Turns out those 96 were only the yes maps.

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