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Aug 23, 2020, 09:39 AM
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Per-subscreen resolution sizes for splitscreen

This just occurred to me -- why not allow bigger total screensizes if you're playing splitscreen multiplayer, as long as the subscreens are 800x600 or smaller?

So, for instance, you could play a two-player game with each player playing in an 800x600 subscreen, making for a total ingame screen size of 1600x600 (perfect for anyone with a 1600x900 monitor).
Alternatively, a four-player game, with each player in an 800x540 subscreen, which would give a total ingame screen size of 1600x1080 (perfect for anyone with a 1080p monitor).
Or, you could even do a four-player game with each player in an 800x600 subscreen, giving a total size of 1600x1200.

Probably not the most useful feature to have in pandemic time, but when we can all start going over to friends' houses, it would be neat to have bigger splitscreen sizes.