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Jun 16, 2022, 07:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Violet CLM View Post
Welcome! I'm not familiar with Godot, but you seem like someone who'd be interested in contributing to OpenJazz. It implements basically all elements of JJ1 and allows any resolution/aspect ratio at all, but the exact player physics and object behaviors are still unfinished, because they're based on observation of the real game instead of any knowledge of the source code. It supports many different devices and even has online multiplayer.

You can also find a couple of existing graphical level editors for JJ1 here and here. This page lets you quickly try out the various custom levels people have made with them.

If you're more interested in going it alone, though, just for fun, your best source for JJ1 internals is going to be Shikadi's Modding Wiki.

If someone drew full JJ1-style sprite sheets for Spaz and Lori, it'd be pretty trivial to implement them into real JJ1 (and therefore also OpenJazz). The problem is someone drawing full sprite sheets...
I'm a pixel artist, I can totally do the drawing part. Especially since JJ1 artstyle has way less frames than JJ2.

However, after giving it a quick play, I'm not sure what can I contribute to OpenJazz. I'm primarily a game designer, not a programmer. I could perhaps improve some of the controls with careful analysis, but the best way to do that would be a decompilation and I'm not much of a programmer.

Also is OpenJazz still in active development? Last forum post in the thread is from 2017, so is the latest build.