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Jan 4, 2007, 06:51 PM
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Profiles Thread

The new and updated version, even.

1. Your profile must be workable and sensible.

2. No invincible characters, and please try to keep them from being blatant ripoffs of video game characters, etc. Originality and creativity is approved of.

3. Keep your characters compatible with the Jazz Jackrabbit universe. This goes alone with #2. Characters for other universes belong on those fanbases, not this one.

4. Try to use as much detail as possible in your character description, personality and history.

5. Try to keep the number of character profiles to a minimum. One well-rounded, useful character is better than ten half-developed sidekicks. Of course, if you have several solid characters, feel free to post them.

6. If you have multiple characters, please edit your original post to add them, instead of making a new post. This is intended to cut down on thread size and confusion. If you exceed your character limit on the original post, please provide links to any futher posts. Include the character's name beside the link.

7. Any posts not containing a profile will be deleted to avoid clutter.

Thanks and have fun!