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Jan 5, 2007, 03:50 AM
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Character Bio: Joshua Lightwalker (This one's shortened, HOORAY, sadly, does have a bit of 'odd' outbursts, because frankly, I'm a bit insane. )

Name: Joshua Lightwalker
Age: 17 (Permanent. This is physically and mentally.)
Species: Human
Occupation: Hero/Ultimate Gamer
Height and Weight: 178cm, 55 kilos
Theme Song(?): Eternal Light (We Will Prevail - Advance Wars: Days of Ruin)

Weapon of Choice: Sol Edge & RadiantEdge (previously Sol Blade 2 & LightBringer. Damn Camelot/Sqauresoft...) Think two swords, only one has a golden blade and a silver hilt, while the other blade is transparent and glows with light depending on the emotions of it's wielder and adjusts it's power accordingly.

Appearance: Possess an above average build, somewhat muscular. His fair-colored hair is hidden beneath a red cap which is worn backwards, leaving a small fringe. Has dark emerald green eyes and pale skin. Around his neck is a necklace with a green emerald on the end, which sometimes glows with unknown power. Wears a white t-shirt and trousers. Nothing much else to say, really.

Personality: Hard to describe. At one moment, Joshua can be cheerful and easy-going, overflowing wither energy while at other times, he can be quite serious and can be somewhat depressed, becoming a bit of a loner. Is less afraid of the opposite gender...(provided that they don't have heavy objects to beat him half to death with, but who WOULDN'T be afraid of that? >_>)

Strengths: Very good agility, can take quite a beating, excellent swordsman, can cast magic, survive the vaccum of space/explosions*, possess some sort of 'second chance' ability, meaning he won't immediently die from a gun-shots to the heart meaning he may get a chance to recieve medical attention. IMMUNE to decapitation. (I LIKE MY HEAD.)

*this just means he won't be blown apart, doesn't mean he won't get HURT. We really don't want to see the hero turned into a mess of body parts, do we? *kicks those who say otherwise in the shin*

Weakness: Is only human, is sensitive to extreme heat, sucks with all other weapons (excluding ONE fire-arm, but I'm not getting into that.), is vunerable to 'Dark' magic, can lose limbs, CAN die (I'd rather let him live, though.) Emotions...

Bio: No. Just no. Read my stories, darn it.

Quote: "I'll never give up...I've still got a promise I need to keep."
The War Tavern is good. The War Tavern is great. Surrender yourself to it at all haste. Heh.

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