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Jan 14, 2007, 07:37 PM
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Might as well post something (if only to get myself on page 1, haha)

Name: Walter Wallis Wellington Wartthroat

Species: Lagunican Frog

Age: 43

Wartthroat is physically repulsive. Very short (only 3 feet tall), he is very fat and blubbery. He possesses a massive throat, which quivers when he speaks. His eyes bulge out of their sockets and his skin is a pale green colour. He often dresses in fancy suits. His body constantly oozes with a sickly slime. He produces even more slime when he's nervous or excited.

Born to the affluent Wartthroat bloodline on Lagunicus, Wartthroat was born into a family of excess wealth. The ancestors of the Wartthroat clan accumulated a vast fortune decades ago, and now the bloodline subsides on that stored wealth. Surrounded all his life by sycophantic servants and fair-weather friends looking for a piece of his wealth, Wartthroat spent his life in a position of power.

Most of the sons of the Wartthroat clan end up as shiftless lazy partygoers. Walter Wartthroat, however, developed a craving for power and entered politics. With his amazing oratory skill, prestigious family name, and vast wealth, Wartthroat managed to get himself elected Chief of Planet Lagunicus, the most politically powerful position on the planet. After the Carrotus-Turtle Terrorist Wars came to an end with Devan Shell on the run, politicans across the sector began pressing for the formation of a Sectorial Council, a governing body for the Carrot Sector at large, including all planets with a population of sentinent beings. Wartthroat was one of the proposal's strongest supporters, seeing it as an opportunity to consolidate more power. Wartthroat again used his influence as a politician to become Chief Councillor.

He is not trusted by Jazz Jackrabbit and his family. For good reason, too.

Wartthroat is callous and power hungry. He sees other beings solely in terms of how useful they are to him at any given moment. Though incredibly cowardly and fearful for his own life, he is nonetheless bold and ruthless politically. Though he is no murderer, Wartthroat will do anything - blackmail, intimidation, bribery, all of it - to achieve his goals.

Wartthroat seeks power for the sake of power. Power for the sole feeling of pride and triumph he gets when he achieves power.

Wartthroat is an excellent public speaker and it's said he has a silver tongue. With his wealth and speeches, he can bend almost anyone to his will.

Quote: "When it comes to power, most beings are hypocrites. They claim to be claiming power for wealth, or fame, or some foolish ideal. But not I. I realize that power is an end in itself, not a means. Other beings delude themselves. Not me, however. For me, power is everything."
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