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Coppertop is doing well so far

Jan 22, 2007, 05:44 PM
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Ducky! Do I ever know the temptation. I'm steadfastly resisting it as well.

Name: Coppertop

Nickname: Copper

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Species: Hare

Appearance: Medium height with a slender build, Copper has thick ivory fur and serious grey eyes. Her hair is copper-colored and very long, naturally straight but kept in many tiny braids that reach past her hips. When the braids are unravelled, her hair is long enough that it will brush the back of her calves when she moves. She generally keeps them tied back, out of her way. She has a single birthmark at the base of her throat, a perfect circle slightly darker than the rest of her body.
Copper wears black for the most part, and prefers jeans and tank tops or t-shirts. She wears scuffed black and grey skate shoes. She has three piercings in each ear and wears a plain, dark silver chain around her neck with a celtic cross on it. Copper is self-conscious and a klutz, though when her mind is elsewhere she can move very gracefully.

Personality: Quietly friendly in a distanced way, Copper is a private person who is out of her depth when dealing with people. She resorts to sarcasm, or more often, silence, when intimidated. Her anger lends her eloquence. With her few friends, Copper is more relaxed and talkative. She has a shy smile which she often uses in lieu of words. Her anger is slow to rise and she is reluctant to display it in most situations, observing that trouble often occurs when she refuses to keep her mouth shut. When angry, she is more confrontational, but her temper passes quickly. She is often the recipient of jokes referring to the temper of a redhead, adding to her refusal to show signs of temper.
Copper tends towards depression and often fights with loneliness and rejection. When she is feeling particularly lonely, she will withdraw herself from those about her, in an attempt to deal with her emotions privately. This has the unfortunate effect of isolating her even more. Her shyness is such that she finds it difficult to speak to those she does not know, waiting instead until they address her. Ironically, those she is friends with tend to be outgoing and very friendly.

Weapons: When anticipating a situation that calls for weaponry, Copper will carry two long knives on her belt.

Skills: Copper is an exceedingly good listener, able to draw out even the most recalcitrant. She excels at one-on-one relationships although crowds are out of her comfort zone. Often able to give good advice, she is a trustworthy friend. On a more practical note, Copper is an adequate pilot of starcraft, although she finds aircraft more tricky. She is fairly accurate with a blaster and with her long knives.

Special Powers: When Copper is fighting or in an extremely stressful situation, she will enter a dreamlike mental state, detaching herself from reality and allowing her to deal with the situation more efficiently. Her focus is clearer and she is less swayed by emotion while in this state.

Weaknesses: Copper is generally not a warrior.

Orientation: Good.

Other: Copper is a nickname, but she prefers not to disclose her true name.