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May 1, 2007, 07:46 AM
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I don't see what you mean, Thunder...

Let us introduce a new charcter, "Jane Jumpingrabbit"

Jane is a 17 year old pink and purple spotted lop rabbit. She was born and raised on Carrotus, and never plans on leaving the planet. She gets straight B's in school and works at a video rental place a couple hours a week for cash. She fits into the "normal" clique at school, isn't really popular or unpopular but gets along fine with most people and has a large number of people she would label "Friends."

Jane lives at home with her father and mother, who both have full time jobs, and her little brother, who she hates with a passion.

In the evenings, when she is not doing homework or working at her job, she is hanging out with friends or is going out with her longtime boyfriend Jake.

She has been to Jazz and Eva's castle once on a field trip, and has quite a crush on their son, the prince Zander.

When she grows up she wants to be a marine biologist, marry an engineer and have a million kids.

Now, let's see how she does for the test.

Does your charcter fit in the JJ2 universe? (Anthro, space age, etc)
Yes. (no points)
Is this charcter your avatar? (Your namesakes charcter)
No. (no points)
Could this character beat a main character hands down?
No, she doesn't fight at all. (no points)
Is your charcter a major love intrest of a main character?
A crush, never acted upon, does not count. (no points)
Does your charcter keep in charcter? (ie. can do things never trained to do well)
Yes, she is normal, no weird things going on here. (no points)
Is your character really lucky?
No, a bit of a clutz really. (no points)
Does everyone else in the story treat your charcter like something special?
No. (no points)
Does "Mysterious" describe your character? For no good reason?
Not remotely. (no points)
Does your character meet any of these cliche: Related to main characters, has a twin, is an orphan...
Nope. (no points)

Well, would you look at that, it's a charcter with NO POINTS. I don't get what you mean by a question that always gives you points, thunder.