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Jun 24, 2008, 10:00 PM
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Because SOMEONE (namely, me.) hasn't really posted a character that fits in well in the 'Jazz' Universe, I decided that 'Ah, I might as well, since some seem to be not happy with the red-caped one.' (Joshua, I mean, not the italian plumber who goes 'MAMA-MIA!' or 'IT'S-A ME! MARIO! >_>)
That, and I hope to actually create several GOOD characters that might get used, sadly, I can't achieve the 'awsomeness' of 4I Falcon when it comes to making characters, so I think I'll try not to drown us all in 'poorly designed' characters.

...So, without any further ado, I present two(three?) characters for 'free use'. Go ahead and do with them as you see fit. *also activates 'request' mode, meaning is willing to type ideas into stories/characters/ect.) I'M BORED OUTTA MY MIND.
Name: Daxol Saleu
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Species: Fox
Alignment: Evil

Personality: Daxol is what some would call 'insane' for his near-suicidal tactics, desire for power amd causing those who are underfoot to be squashed like bugs, yet he's highly intelligent and while the plans may result in several casulties, his mere presence and men fearing the price of failure spurs them on the gain crushing victories. Cautious in the extreme when choosing underlings, he merely disposes of them when they've fufilled thier purpose. In general, he's bitter about what life's done to him since when one world killed off his entire planet, he know wants everyone to experience the fear of what it's like to die.

Appearance: Dark blue fur covers his entire body, which is horrificly scarred by an invasion his home suffered during his early adult-hood, but the 'serious' wounds have been healed over with advanced technology, eyes are a blood-red and his teeth and claws are razor-sharp and are usually covered in metal.

Weapons: While he enjoys the thrill of making others experience death, most of the time, he resorts to his bare-hands and teeth but won't hesitate to use heavy fire-arms should his incredible strength insufficent.

Special Powers: High intelligence, strength and endurance.

Quote: "The entire galaxy betrayed us, showering our world with death. I'll repay them all by ramming it down thier throats..."
Name: Iaa Eatalot
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Species: Giant Turtle/Giant Blob 'O' Fat.
Alignment: Evil/Insane.

Personality: Once a famous gourmee who flew from planet to planet tasting the cuisine of the worlds, he was known to be honest, if a little 'loud'. Tragedy struck when an 'All-You-Can-Eat' buffet proved to be too much when the first course seemed to kill an important function of his brain, which meant he continued to gorge on the food and erupt in a mess of body parts. Technology was able to bring him back to some degree, but as a changed...turtle. Completely insane and cannabalistic, Iaa continues to eat whatever he can get his chubby arms on, never feeling satisfied. Has a one track mind. FOOD. FOOD. FOOD. EAT. FOOD. FOOD.

Appearance: Gigantic, mainly because of the amount of food he's eaten to date and continues to devour everything, his shell is cracked in places and his 'skin' is bulging to the point where it may burst. Horrificly ugly, his teeth are stained black and eyes are nearly covered up by the flab on his face. Did I mention he's ugly?

Weapons: His massive bulk could probably crush ANYTHING and the ability to eat whatever's in reach makes him an effective killing machine. What he can't catch, he belches out putrid breath to knock unconcious, if not kill the victim.

Special Powers: See above.

The War Tavern is good. The War Tavern is great. Surrender yourself to it at all haste. Heh.