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Dec 8, 2017, 04:03 PM
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Borderless, non-resolution changing fullscreen?

We know these things about JJ2 and JJ2+

- It can run in a window
- If you change size of the window, the game will stretch to fill it (though it won't respect 4:3 aspect ratio and will stretch badly if you change window to a non-4:3 size). It won't show more of the level, it will just stretch the rendered image.

Given these two facts, could be a non-resolution changing fullscreen method be developed that would fill the screen with the game (though something would need to be done about "not preserving correct aspect ratio" part)?

Technically, the game would still run in a window, just that the window would have no border, fill up entire screen and menu bar would be hidden as well. Such solution would help people who still want to play JJ, but have issues due to their GPUs/screens not supporting the resolutions the game was designed in mind with.
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