Thread: Bug Report Unable to enter text in UI
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May 15, 2018, 10:02 AM
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Thanks for posting! Unfortunately I have to say this is not ringing any bells for me... I don't recall anyone experiencing this problem before, nor am I seeing any reason the JJ2+ code and the native JJ2 code would behave any differently in this regard. Here are some things you can try to narrow things down a bit more:
  • Does it make any difference whether you are running the game in a window or in full screen? You can press Alt+Enter to toggle between the two.
  • If you start a multiplayer game and press the T key, this should bring up a little "Chat:" prompt in the bottom left corner of the screen. Are you able to type anything into that prompt?
  • If all else fails, we keep a collection of older JJ2+ releases dating back to 2008, so you could try downloading some of them (you should only need to extract plus.dll and, when available, plus.j2a) and seeing if the problem existed in all those previous releases or if it was introduced at a specific point.