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Oct 17, 2010, 09:06 PM
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Here are some things I think could improve Jazz2online, these are my opinions. Please do not take offence as I mean none at all.

I think Jazz2online could still use some updating. I don't mean new features just updating the features it already has.

First of all The party mode section.

I think it would be great if CTF Codes were put here, I know there's an article about it, but as a new player it would be very useful. I'm guessing this section is mainly for new players. So it makes sense.

Basic game-types page of the party mode section, I know it says basic, but why not just list all of the game modes, it does seem like this section hasn't been updated since JJ2+, however it would be helpful too newcomers , explaining how there played etc. The teambattle description is outdated too. Since with plus its no longer the case.

Levels section
This Is just an idea, but perhaps you could create a new page with some of JJ2's best single player packs here, (evil mikes In my opinion being one of them) Perhaps adding a portrait picture in the style of a JJ2 episode saying something like "The best of JJ2 user content" I know this can be done by searching on the downloads section, but I think it would be good if it contained long single players downloads only. Would be convenient for both new and old users. Some people dislike or cannot play online anyway.

This again isn't really necessary, perhaps just have a fastlink to the different types of articles on the navigation bar.

I still feel strongly about keeping the link section. Some of the links are dead, a report button to report these dead links would be useful. I know some people would be sad to see some of there old favourites go away so there are two idea's I've come up with, Like stijn said Archive the links section , but make a new links section, and start fresh (this time perhaps with a report dead link button) I still think it would be useful for clans especially to keep the links section, Many people could simply browse around to the active clans site interested in perhaps joining up. An option too delete your links would also be very appreciative.

Oh and some minor things. Perhaps rename party mode to online play.
Maybe combine jcs and levels like you did with other.

Once again these are my opinions and ideas and I'm just trying to help.
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