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Jan 29, 2013, 01:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Vivando View Post
Okay, apparently it's not just any server or any circumstance. I tried reproducing it by first running jj2, visiting zeal alpha for a second, then went to sp, but I could receive damage normally. Afterwards, I restarted jj2, visited Zeal Duels 1 without even spectating off, and after the same bug happened again.

EDIT: Okay I guess I figured it out; Whenever the game is stopped you won't receive any damage in multiplayer, and logically neither in single-player. While Zeal Alpha had a game running>it left on the game 'started' for me, meanwhile ZD1 had a game stopped, resulting in my client having itself in stopped-mode. So simply what needs to be done is to have the game 'on' by default in single-player without having the option to stop it from the menus either which is possible now.

EDIT2: There are also more menu-commands that can be abused in single-player such as 'Reset Game' to restore all your health. Actually in my opinion all the multiplayer-commands should be disabled for single-player, even if they can be just considered as alternatives for jjcheats.
Thanks for the details. I wonder how this bug got caused, the concept of stopped games is nothing new. Good thing though that the menus actually allow the game to get started again.

The menu commands in single player stuff is still some 'work in progress' actually. Things like Next Level don't work very well in offline games for whatever reason, and the bulk of Game Options just doesn't work offline.

I will look into this one. Expect it fixed in the next release.

Originally Posted by Vivando View Post
Request about /ready command; Add alternative command or option for receiving full fastfire along with the command. I and many other players used to always prefer GMR function without fastfire, since it makes me waste ammo easier in multiplayer.
We've had discussion about including Fast Fire in /ready. In fact, it was a last-minute change (or at least a last week change) to include that. I think an (optional) argument to the command or something like '/readyff' would be a good option for this. (I've also seen someone asking for including a coin increase with /ready. I think that has a smaller chance of making it in because the amount of coins would be arbitrarily chosen at best.)

Originally Posted by GoldRabbit View Post
The game over screen forces hosts to restart their server during coop.

The platform section right after the falling Devan sequence is buggy, as the platform doesn't return when you die (again, in a coop server). This isn't really related to JJ2+ rather than the angelscript itself.
I must admit we did little testing in online coop. As has been with any previous release of Plus (as far as I know at least), online coop is a feature that 'just works' without supporting all the rediculous things we can achieve in levels nowadays. Might get fixed someday if someone gets a "Eureka!" moment and comes with a cure.

Originally Posted by GoldRabbit View Post
The laser shield doesn't seem to work for some reason, when the host (I) tried using it, no beam would come out, when a client tried using it, he got kicked off. That happened in PlusTimerEx.j2l.
This level only works offline. It's the anti-cheat features kicking in there. For the other shields, this be fixed by adding Shield events to the level. The laser shield is still a no-go in servers.

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