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Sep 7, 2019, 09:16 AM
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Update time!

An archive of my Lori 1-4 marathon run has been put up. I do have a local recording without the tech issues at the first level, though it's likely only if there if is demand that I will upload it. I'll do better commentary and performance next time, but this seems good for a debut (and most appear to like the commentary).

In other news, Binaryblob will be running Spaz episodes 1-4 at Fleet Fest 2, raising money for Bellingham Food Bank. There's been quite some development in the category since it was last featured in a marathon two years ago, so it's worth the rewatch! Here's the channel and its corresponding schedule. For most people, it'll be running on September the 13th.

P.S for that one guy who voted Jazz'll happen, we promise.

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