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JJ2+ v5.6 (last updated 27 February, 2018)

JJ2+ v5.6
(last updated 27 February, 2018)

Download the installer from
Jazz2Online or ModDB
Or get JJ2+ bundled for free when you buy Jazz 2 from (this page explains how to enable it with

JJ2+ is a patch, with a lot of fixes for bugs and lots of new features, both clientside and serverside. For those of you who like to read readmes before downloading files, find the readme here. Or scroll down to Latest Changes for a list of new features and bug fixes. JJ2+ is distributed under the MIT license.

Note that in order to use JJ2+, you will need a registered copy of Jazz Jackrabbit 2, version 1.23 or 1.24. If one of the splash screens shown when starting up the game says "LK Avalon," that is additionally not a compatible version of the game.

If you are having trouble with the latest version, report the problem in this thread! General discussion of JJ2+ is fine in this thread too. For less urgent bug reports or suggestions, please visit our dedicated issue tracker instead.

Here you can find older versions, mainly for testing purposes.
February 27th 2018 Release

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