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Oct 4, 2013, 01:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Vegito View Post
I can tell you how my JJ2 acts when the latter happens. If I get hit at the moment I take a carrot, I at times go down to 2/1 heart (client side). However, if I get hit again I don't die, I just go back to the hearts I had before. If I take a carrot while I'm 2/1 and the server thinks I'm 3, it just seems like I take a fake carrot. The carrot however stays and my heart pops back to 3.
I can back this up from my own experience too. My assumptions at first times were of course that I had mislooked my health when trying to take a carrot, but once it started to happen regularly and I was certain about what I saw it got obvious that my health was shown as lower number than it was supposed to be.
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