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Dec 22, 2018, 06:57 AM
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As you see I was trying to download Sonic Mania Mod Studio,but link that redirected me to Dropbox.I was using this tool,but I restored my pc to factory settings(one year ago) so I no longer have this modding tool.I wasn't sure if music mod will work properly so here's a video of my first attempt one more thing admins of this forum should consider some music files as attach files.Anyway it's just minor changes I didn't edit/swap character models and I also didn't change special stages maps,yet.I decided to chose Tails just to test this music mod that I made.Okay now it's time to send you some files.I renamed files Jazzj2bonus3.ogg to UFOSpecial.ogg and Jazz Jackrabbit OST - Level Clear.ogg to ActClear.ogg just copy and paste to destination folder of Sonic Mania.You can also use debug menu if you want.