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Aug 24, 2006, 03:12 AM
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Originally Posted by Jerrythabest
will it be possible to host as 1.23 while tsf people can join too, without version hacking
Yes, I think it is possible to make the server appear bright in the list no matter what version of jj2 the user has. This *should* be included in the dedicated server project.

Actually we haven't agreed on anything just yet. There is no team working on any common project so far and the dedicated server is still a long way off. This thread exists for the sole purpose of collecting garbage ideas and Monolith has provided a whole lot of them in his post - so far I fully aggree with many of his suggestions. Thanks, Mono. There may be lesser research projects being developed at this time by individual people, but the big project hasn't started yet and there is no "official" team either. The reason for this is because we (as the community) have yet to figure out a lot of stuff we're missing eg. document the jj2 TCP and UDP protocols, fully understand the jj2 file formats, get a general idea of how the jj2 engine works, calculate weapon trajectories, etc. This is by no means a complete to-do list, but they are essentials for the project.

The current research team consists of few people doing various research on jj2 (see above). Me, Neobeo, ahat and maybe some others (I don't have a full list). Since this is only a research project (at this time), everyone is free to contribute knowledge we might need later, however, the final "big one" project will probably be a community project that would include many of the programmers from the community (if it gets to this point). Monolith? Alister? Link?

I'll post some more constructive content in a momnet.
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