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Aug 24, 2006, 09:15 AM
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Regarding plugins, there are countless ideas for them. Here is a part of my list.
  • Game time limiter (ends the game after given time)
  • JJ2 stats generator
  • Anti-cheating protection
  • Graphical output (Jazz 2 VCR style)
  • Voting over chat
  • Remote administration
  • Bad word chat filter
  • Random chat messages (advertisments that appear every once a while)
  • Auto-kick idle players (warn them over chat before they get kicked)
  • Kick/ban chat spammers (warn them over chat before they get kicked)
  • kick/ban flooders (players that constantly join/leave/join/leave...)
  • Selection of levels in a random order
  • Selection of levels in a given order
  • Selection of levels by size according to the number of active players
And some misc features that may be applied to the dedicated server.
  • Temporary bans that time out after 15 minutes
  • Automatically relist the server, if delisted
  • Players *MUST* enter a password to join a private server
  • Server query packets (it's a standard jj2 join packet with 00 as the last byte)
  • Proper team chat in CTF
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